Enables first-responders to quickly and safely interact with potential evidence much as if they sat down and interacted with a suspect PC

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What is OpenLV?

What is OpenLV?

Won't Booting The Image Destroy Evidence?

How Do I Run OpenLV?

How Do I Run OpenLV no Linux?

What Image Formats Does OpenLV Handle?

What Types of Imaged Systems Can Be Booted?

What if I Only Have an Image of the Bootable Partition and Not the Entire Disk?

Does OpenLV Handle Split Images?

Does OpenLV Support Dual Boot Images?

What Do I Need To Run OpenLV?

How Do I Make The Virtual Machine Feel Less Sluggish?

Why Can't I Access The Internet From The Virtual Machine?

How Can I Transfer Files To And From The Virtual Machine Without Internet Access?

Why Am I Being Asked To Install Drivers for New Hardware?

Why Am I Being Asked To Activate The Target OS?

How Do I Remove All My Changes And Start From Scratch Again?

I Have a Feature Request, Who Do I Contact?

Does OpenLV Require Admin Privileges To Run?

* Server 2.x is NOT supported currently.